ONR offers a robust student internship program designed to give future therapists a high quality educational and hands-on experience in their field of study. Our dynamic internship program not only provides students with a valuable introduction to their career of choice, but it is also an important way that ONR gives back to the therapy community.

For more information, please contact Karen Stubbs, Student Internship Coordinator, at or (512) 275-9429.
Cassandra Gebhardt & Rachel Wells - Student Internship

Internship supervisor, Rachel W., OT, pictured with student OTA intern, Cassandra G. (right).

My clinical instructor and other therapists at the facility have provided me a supportive team environment, countless learning opportunities, and challenged me with constructive feedback to become a better therapist every day. I really couldn't ask for a better group of therapists to learn from during my fieldwork experience.

Ehren G., OTA, Student Intern

Interning at ONR has been a huge learning experience for me, even with just two weeks under my belt. The team here is so caring about each individual patient and they truly capture what therapy is meant to be about. While I came into my internship at a time where literally everything was changing (introduction of PDPM), the team here has handled it with grace and rolled with the punches. I've not only learned a lot about treatment and patient care, but I've also learned a lot about teamwork, and to me that's what rehabilitation is about. Thank you ONR for this incredible opportunity that will help me reach my future goals!

Cassandra G., OTA, Student Intern