Maintenance of Your Therapy License

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Maintenance of your professional license is a critical component to your practice as a therapist. Professional licenses are issued, regulated and maintained at the state level by a licensure board and the department of professional regulation. Each state has its own requirements, processes and deadlines. Here are some important things to remember about your license:

  • Individuals may apply for a state professional license either as a first-time licensee (typically a new grad) or as an individual licensed in another state.
  • Professional licenses are renewed every 2 years. The renewal dates vary from state to state and by discipline.
  • Most states have a requirement for continuing education that must be fulfilled before the renewal period.
  • Many of these educational requirements can be met by taking CEU 360 classes which are available free for all full and part-time ONR employees. 
  • In some states, on-line courses will partially satisfy your educational requirements.
  • Most states require that you report an address change within a defined time period. Some states will fine or censure you if you don’t report timely.
  • Most states also require you to report name changes and charges or convictions of a crime.

Tips for maintaining your license:

  • Complete your license renewal 30–60 days before the expiration date. Remember that it is YOUR responsibility to track your expiration date and respond in a timely fashion. It is especially critical during the pandemic, as state agencies may be understaffed and license renewal may take longer than usual.
  • Know your state’s educational requirements and make sure you have completed them prior to renewing.
  • Keep your continuing education records (certificates of completion) for the required period of time in your state.
  • Report address changes, name changes, and any criminal charges/convictions to your licensure board in a timely fashion as required in your state.
  • Do not ever practice with an expired license even if your renewal is pending.

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