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Beginning Monday, Nov. 2, all ONR communities will have access to Casamba Clinical Pathways. This is an exciting and valuable resource for our clinicians.

When initiating a POC, you will be given the option of choosing a diagnosis based Clinical Pathway.

Click Cancel if you don’t want to use one. Clinical pathways are always optional.

If you choose a pathway, you will be given guidance in the development of the POC and treatment planning. For example, Pathways suggestions will be in blue, while everything you usually see will be in red. This will not limit your options or force you to include anything but will give you areas of focus for that Pathway.

 Why use Clinical Pathways?

  • They assist with the development of a plan for care of your resident
  • Encourage consistency in patient care
  • Guide problem-oriented documentation
  • According to a 2018 study, residents placed in a Clinical Pathway showed improved outcomes

Additional information about accessing and using clinical pathways can be found in this presentation, Evidence-Based Clinical Pathways.

A big thank you to those who piloted the Clinical Pathways project and provided valuable feedback!

Please contact me with any additional questions.

Julie Wilkins, MPT

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