Advocate for Your Profession and Residents

ONR Team at Terraces of Los Gatos, Los Gatos, CA
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URGENT action needed! It only takes a minute to advocate for your profession and residents!

On October 30th, U.S. Representatives Ami Bera (D-CA) and Larry Bucshon (R-IN) introduced a bill that would provide for a temporary legislative fix to the CY 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) cuts that proposed a 9% decrease to our Medicare B reimbursement. The bipartisan legislation Holding Providers Harmless from Medicare Cuts During COVID-19 Act of 2020 (H.R. 8702), would ensure that payments to Med B providers—including rehabilitation therapists—are kept stable at 2020 rates for the next two years.

This is a promising development, but we’re not there yet. Congress does not have much time left on the legislative calendar to act before these potentially devastating cuts take effect on January 1, 2021.

We need YOU, our advocates, to reach out to your respective Member of Congress and urge them to cosponsor H.R. 8702. More specifically, we’re asking for our advocates to ask that their Member of Congress also add H.R. 8702 to any legislative package moving in the House during the next session

National Association for the Support of Long Term Care has prepared a letter to email to your respective House of Representative Member urging them to cosponsor H.R. 8702 and asking them to add the bipartisan legislation to any legislative packages moving during the next session. You can access and send this email in under two minutes using the link provided below:

Once you select the link above, you will be prompted to type in your name, phone number, email, and street address. Once you have done so, your respective House Member will be pre-selected and you will then select the “Next” button, which will then generate a message that you are able to edit if you wish.

Please feel free to share this link with your colleagues, employees, friends, and family.

COVID-19 Reminders

As we enter the 10th month of the pandemic, we are certainly seeing COVID-19 fatigue both in our personal and professional lives. The work you do with our residents is ESSENTIAL and IMPORTANT! We need to take a minute to remember that there are proven things we can do to protect ourselves, our coworkers and our residents from COVID-19 spread.

Mask up. Masks should be worn at all times in our senior communities whether they be SNF or TOUCH communities. The only exception allowed would be to lower your mask to eat or drink. Please bear in mind though that this should be done in a controlled area with socially distanced coworkers.

Socially distance with coworkers and residents. It’s common to think that the people we see daily are in our “bubble” and to be lax about social distancing. ONR expects that all employees use socially distancing to the greatest degree possible unless close contact patient care is being provided.

Limit the amount of time spent in close proximity to residents and coworkers. During those times when close contact is inevitable, i.e., transferring, or cotreating, limit the consecutive number of minutes that you are in close contact by breaking up hands-on activity with socially distanced activity.